Six most affordable family cars in Kenya

Hello readers, i salute you for reading our previous post.Today i saw it fit to give you insights on family cars.

I know you might be having a middle size family and you really need a family car.That means a spacious car with dazzling interiors.A family car works perfect if you have 1,2,3.. kids

Lets look at what the market has for you.

Toyota isis -Going for 1.1M -Hire purchase deposit 700K

Mazda Premacy-Going for 900K -Hire purchase deposit 500K

Toyota PorteGoing for 650K -Hire purchase deposit 400K

Toyota Alphard-Going for 2.1M -Hire purchase deposit 1.5M

Toyota Voxy-Going for 1.3M -Hire purchase deposit 700K

Toyota Noah-Going for 1.4M -Hire purchase deposit 800K

I hope you enjoyed this piece of information.

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