How to prevent your child from becoming a video game addict?

Video games are not bad in nature, they’re only bad if they are overplayed, become an addiction, or if the particular game is inappropriate.

I struggled with this myself when my children were younger. I ended up buying a few appropriate games for them, all the necessary equipment, and telling them that video games are fun and a means for relaxation, but they only get to play if they’re done with their work for the day because it’s a reward. Occasionally, I even set aside a time to play video games with them.

Now, my two oldest kids don’t have time for video games, or they would rather do other things. My youngest son still plays, but because I helped him understand the purpose of video games, he only plays a couple times every week. And even though he is the only child in my family that still plays video games, all my kids remember the fun we had as a family playing them, and that video games are in no way ‘bad’, just like everything else, if used in moderation.

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