5 Fun things to do on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is filled with excitement and impatience to start opening those presents, so to help your family count down the hours to Christmas Day, get them together and start some new traditions.

On Christmas Eve, to ease the count down to Christmas Day and keep everyone busy, do the following:

1. Make some mini gingerbread houses. They are adorable and easy to make, which makes it a perfect activity to do with your kids. For the recipe, visit http://honestlyyum.com/7527/mini-gingerbread-houses/.

2. Instead of making the usual gingerbread cookies, spice things up a bit and make large gingerbread people – representing your real-life friends and family – and give them to each individual as a Christmas gift.

3. Are you ready to start a Christmas tradition the whole family will enjoy? This tradition is based on the popular movie, The Polar Express, and is a great fun adventure. Start by hiding golden tickets in your kids’ beds and while one parent starts the bedtime routine as usual, the other one prepares bags of popcorn and hot chocolate drinks to be placed in the car. Remember to have some Christmas music to play in the car as well while you and your family take a drive through the neighbourhood and watch the Christmas lights.

4. Make sure everyone in the family has some special Christmas Eve pyjama pants to wear – don’t forget the Christmas theme – while counting down to Christmas. Start a family tradition of giving new pyjamas every Christmas Eve.

5. Make a fun, curly-toed, Christmas stocking and fill it with treats to bring holiday cheer to all.


Adéle Bloem

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